Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"My Shelf" Part 1

Scott, Brooklyn, industrial designer. Favorite item: Marcel Wanders Egg Vase drawn on by Mike Perry.
Adam, San Francisco, industrial designer. Fun fact: his parents designed the amazing BART map.
Jerry the Contractor, Brooklyn, graphic designer, DJ.
Mike B, Brooklyn, industrial designer, DJ.
Julie, Brooklyn, co-founder of Confetti System.
Brendan (Brandon), San Francisco, graphic designer at Dwell magazine and co-founder of Semi-Good Furniture.


King Pop said...

kick ace

S.Newls said...

Everyone's stuff looks so good. Guess which shelf belongs to the only girl thus far?

Everyone, please submit your shelf. We would love to keep posting periodically.

write to:

Mike B Design said...

Oh man do I look like some kind of shut-in packrat with this lineup.

ellen frances said...

i like this post!!

jZk said...